Friday, October 12, 2018

Scary Movie Night With Carolyn (Week #2)

The Bat (1959)

Happy Halloween,  weekend #2! In case you missed last week's announcement, throughout the whole month of October 2018, I will be sharing some of my all time favorite FREE public domain horror movies with you--my readers! 

What does that mean, exactly? That means that you can watch the movie right here, right now on the internet! 

Join me for "scary movie night" by watching a spooky classic each weekend! Then, throughout the weekend you can feel free to chat with me about the movie either here on the blog or on my Facebook page! 

This week's movie is The Bat from 1959. It stars two of the greatest stars of their time, Vincent Price (the ultimate master of macabre horror) and Agnes Moorehead (whom many of you may recognize from the beloved television classic Bewitched!) 

The Bat falls into one of my favorite sub-genres of horror movies: The Old Dark House theme. Basically, it's a story about a creepy old manor home filled with cobwebs, creaking doors, secret passageways, murderers, and maybe even a ghost or two. 

This movie, while still being spooky fun, has much more of a cozy mystery vibe than many other movies in this genre. Agnes Moorehead's character is a mystery writer who moves into the creepy home to get some writing done--but makes it her personal goal to solve a real mystery of The Bat, a local serial killer who uses claws as his weapon of choice. 

This movie is really great fun and fantastic for fans of cozy mysteries. 

So, without further ado, enjoy with me this weekend: The Bat.

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