Friday, September 28, 2018

A Harvest of Murder

Nothing quite says Autumn like brewing your favorite hot drink (coffee, tea, cider), cuddling up in a toasty sweater of blanket, and reading a good murder mystery. At least, I know that is how I feel.

This last week since Autumn began has been a crazy one. On the Autumnal Equinox, my husband and I went hiking in the forest near our home. It was chilly and the leaves had just begun to turn. We encountered many wonderful creatures including a frog, a toad, snails, and even . . . a snake! Eek!

Throughout this past week, I've been running errands and doing chores like crazy. I've hardly had a free moment to write! Going to the dentist twice, recovering from said dental procedure, going to the DMV twice, and more. I even got a new pet fish named Blue, who I adore. So, imagine how grateful and excited I was to end this week on a high note by having my first book of the season released! (It really has been a wonderful week, all things considered.)

Therefore, it is my pleasure and joy to announce the release of A Harvest of Murder, the fourteenth book in the Pies and Pages cozy mystery series staring Bert, my favorite character to write!

This time, Bert is volunteering for a historic autumn festival that features all sorts of wild west facts, foods, and games. Of course, as always, a body turns up to ruin the weekend and it falls on Bert's shoulders to get to the bottom of things. Add in a stolen antique saddle and a autumn rain storm and you've got quite the mystery!

You can pick up A Harvest of Murder now on Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents! Please enjoy the book and leave a review!